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Welcome to Nouben

Nouben is a site intended for those who would like to learn Japanese and improve their Japanese language skills. Based on the principle of give and take, users are expected to help other members in order to receive help. Each member will be credited for any participation including adding examples or words, suggesting kanji mnemonics, answering questions, etc.

Nouben also features a built-in Japanese ⇆ English dictionary which is filled with data gleaned from Jim Breen's EDICT , GENE95 and other free resources such as TATOEBA , Additionally, we have extended these materials and added new features to provide an experience which is not available anywhere else on the internet!

Our future goals include:

  • Adding as many examples as we can! We intend to cover each entry in the dictionary with at least one example for each possible meaning.
  • Adding quizzes to cover all JLPT levels.
  • Adding human recorded sound bytes for all examples.
  • Exhibiting kanji stroke order using Adobe Flash® for all kanji.
  • Adding as many pictures as possible for all words unique to Japanese culture.
  • Building a forum where English speakers can learn directly from native Japanese people.

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のうべん: Free Online Japanese English Dictionary (和英辞典) and 日本語能力試験(JLPT) resources (英語+日本語)